Asking about the Neighborhood

A: I wanted to ask you a few questions.
B: What about?
A: They are pertaining to the neighborhood that the apartment is in.
B: Sure. What would you like to know?
A: What can you tell me about the neighborhood?
B: In all honesty, the neighborhood could be a little nicer.
A: What do you mean by that?
B: The neighborhood streets are a little dirty.
A: Is there anything else wrong with the neighborhood?
B: That’s just about it.
A: Well, hopefully the cleanliness problem will get better.
B: I hope so, too.

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My Wife Left Me

A: Are you married?

B: No. I’m divorced.

A: When did you get divorced?

B: I got divorced two years ago.

A: Why did you get divorced?

B: My wife left me.

A: Why did she leave you?

B: She said she didn’t love me anymore.

A: Wow! That’s terrible.

B: Yes, it was.

A: Why didn’t she love you anymore?

B: She fell in love with my best friend.

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